Next Gen Pros Inc


We guide our clients through every step of assessing, choosing, and implementing digital solutions that effectively meet performance indicators and overall business needs.

Onsite Services (Consulting Services & Implementation) 

Onsite Advantage:
  • Resource balancing at times of peaks loads/short term projects.
  • Good outsourcing option for projects not fully scoped OR are in the process of evolution.
  • Easy visibility and control of engineers.
  • Easy and fast exit option.

Offshore Services (Consulting Services & Implementation)

Offshore Advantages:
  • Provides cost effective and complete outsourcing of fully defined, turnkey software projects.
  • Takes care of Process, Project and People Management.
  • Minimizes internal administrative and development environment overheads.
  • Major risks of cost and time overruns are shared with the off-shore partner using a well defined process.

Offshore Development Center (ODC)

ODC Advantages:
  • Provides a long term, high quality, cost effective and works as a virtual extension of our Customer
  • Is dedicated to our Customer and includes the Process, Project and People management
  • Uses our Customer ‘s specified environment, processes, confidentiality and security norms
  • Our Customer ‘s trained pool of engineers and the knowledge base is retained
  • Significantly enhances the development capacity of our Customer at a fraction of cost and substantially reduced risks